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It is necessary for an entrepreneur who runs an online business to have a well-structured website. But, what is the use of the website if you cannot get insights effects on your traffic and engagement? Yes, we are addressing about tracking and Web analytics. Every big digital platform companies have its own digital platform as in Google have his Google analytics for websites and app to monitor its insights. For example – such as YouTube Analytics, Facebook Marketing Insights, and Google Analytics and webmaster tool. For an online business or individual to track how his website is acting, Google Analytics tool is a must have.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful free tools available in the online marketplace at no cost which enables you to get complete Check of insights on the performance of your webpage or website. You can count Google Analytics as a magic ball where it grants you 100% information about how extremely good or bad your traffic is been, and from where it is been diverting from to your website, where the traffic is coming from, what keywords are bringing people and generating traffic to your website, what pages they are most likely visiting, the demographic area from where the visitants are coming from, what pages they are visiting and spending most of their time and much more. An online company with a website cannot flourish without having Google Analytics as their marketing tool.

The large data presented by Google Analytics regarding insights and out of any web page or website is extremely important for entrepreneurs for many objects. It can help entrepreneurs re-evaluate and make practical and good decision about their website’s positioning. It can also help you to trace effects and hence saves your valuable time.

Without any doubt, Google Analytics is the important marketing tool but not each and every entrepreneur understands the importance, how to use it and examine its data. Google analytics is not at all difficult to use, but it does need a person’s time and patient to study, learn and understand how to analyze and relate its data completely.

In the 2nd module of ours digital marketing training program, you will discover about Google Analytics tool and its functionalities and how cum google analytics is the best tool for digital marketing today.

What is web analytics
Types of analytics tools
What is step by step guide to creating Google Analytics account setup
Google Analytics reporting interface
Tool to improve usability and user retention
How to use for campaigns reporting

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