DCR(Chandigarh Institute of Online SEO and Internet Digital Marketing) offers digital marketing, social media marketing, blog marketing, content marketing, analytics, affiliate marketing & Search Engine Marketing. We provide best digital marketing training courses in Chandigarh. We make our students learn different aspects of digital marketing at our Chandigarh Institute. We give an insight to various training programs too.

With our online digital marketing program courses, students get a strategic understanding of digital marketing & search engine optimization techniques. With these being core components of the online marketing course, this knowledge can be used for branding & sales for marketing and advertising purposes.

Affiliate marketing empowers the customers to engage with sellers using cost-effective techniques. It allows advertisements of products & services online through Digital Program; thereby promoting sales.

App Store Optimization allows visibility of an app in the App stores- promoting discoveries & initiate more downloads depending on the region, user age, category & so on.

E-mail marketing allows promoting applications, products & services using e-mail as a tool to reach more buyers/consumers. This way audience can be targeted on the grounds of their interests, contacts & so on.

Keyword Research provides one to choose keywords on the basis of importance, which in turn would turn up proper traffic being generated with time.

Online Reputation Management enables the developer to gain profit by constructing a healthy link between individuals & brands.

These all characterize Search Engine Optimization as an umbrella-term for optimizing websites & content according to connection/relevance based on region, age group, categorization, feature availability etc.

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