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Search Engine Marketing

In today economics, money values a lot mainly when companies have to spend on marketing&advertising. Businesses have to pay a great deal of time and experience on conceptualizing and strategizing a good ads campaign online for their business advertisement and growth. Advertising is important but more important is the actual Return on investment (ROI) that the company or business gets from promoting on the internet by the help of internet marketing. That is where Search engine marketing comes in.

Search engine marketing in short of (SEM) is one of the cost effective and profitable digital marketing tools to help companies and enterprises optimize their online websites and make them search engine friendly through paid advertisement (Google AdWords), paid listing, ad placements and etc.

Impressive facts: Successfully and strongly using SEM methods such as Pay per click (PPC), and geographical search marketing, it is possible for appearing entrepreneurs to get ahead of the competition.

With Google Adwords or Pay per click (PPC) advertising and marketing, you have the opportunity to decide on your accounts budget and where it should be set for building the maximum brand fame, reputation, and visibility. When any person clicks on your ad, then you have to pay the fixed rate for each click keyword selected. Through Google Analytics, it is accessible for businesses to estimate the ROI of their ad campaigns; hence they can make healthy business decisions whether to alter or continue with the campaign strategy. The idea after search engine marketing is to give entrepreneurs and advertiser utmost traffic and help them form more leads and conversions in the most affordable way possible.

Search engine marketing enhances a cakewalk once you learn the functionality and methods involved behind it. You will study all about it in the 8th module of our digital marketing training course.

What is search engine marketing
Creating campaigns
Working with landing pages
Tracking conversions
Campaign management tips& tricks
Perform ROI Analysis
What is Google Ad words
Setup account for ad word

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