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Content Optimization Only great design created is not enough for any website, it is very little or no use for online traffic generation and leads until you have the well written and relevant content with keywords to describe an individual or online business to the consumers.  Besides, the use of the good content is not enough if it is not optimized and marketed properly.

Even the Google web spam unit head Matt Cutts says healthy and optimized Content is the core to SEO and increasing traffic to your web organically.He says Even if you do brain-dead stupid stuff and shoot yourself in the foot, but have real content, we still want to pass it. See, that how valuable content is.

The current situations are, people normally go to google and cut, copy & patch the content on their website and don’t publish their own content. But there is the search engine like Google smart and enough to catch and its algorithm plan in a way can find the copy content anywhere on the web engines. If the content is found copied on a business website should be treated to penalized by the search engine and the ranking quickly goes down to the bottom which reduces the visibility. Moreover, leads to limited online traffic and conversions on the website. Therefore every content written for the website should be unique, appropriate and appealing to the users or customers so that they can feel the connection towards the business information and get attract to read, buy and purchase a service.

Interesting facts: After setting up the blog on the site B2B companies have to generate 67% more leads

You always need to have a skill, creativity and unique style to write excellent content. And the content should be well optimized to rank top in search engines. It should have relevant keywords and influential headings to attract the user read complete content by clicking on it.

In this segment of the program, students learn the quick tips and tricks on how to perform content optimization which generates sales and leads, help to increase traffic onto the website.

How to write a good and powerful headline
What should be the keyword density to target for hunt
In content always Use of HTML tags
Quality of image optimization
Content should be not plagiarized

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