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DCR is the best digital marketing training institute in Chandigarh city provides job oriented professional digital marketing courses in Chandigarh Sector 15.In this program, students will master/learn all the characters of digital marketing/internet marketing. DCR is providing live business projects based courses to a student.Our courses are the practical concepts based training attached to online marketing.Digital Marketing Training course in Chandigarh will help you in accomplishing the big step in your future work.

Choose your career carefully and we’ll help you find your way. We are one of the highest rated Institute in Well Known City Beautiful (Chandigarh).

  • Course Goals
  • Get important knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • Understand how to use it for branding and traffic
  • Understand its benefits & weaknesses
  • Become familiar with Best Studies, Tools & Technologies


Let us introduce  Sakshi is a well-qualified google trainer with digital marketing expertise Teaching new generation students in Chandigarh since very long time.

Vivek Shah is an entrepreneur working as a trainer in Digital Classroom since 2009 and worked before as a Google analyst with many companies across Chandigarh. Enough thinking about it, do it! Try your first Digital Marketing(course) lesson from _today_(school) for free, and you’ll know you made the right choice. Register now!

Sahil Kumar is training and teaching students in Chandigarh for Digital Marketing with his vast knowledge of Business marketing completed from Australia.

This is why you should Enrol with Digital Classroom.
DCR(Chandigarh Institute of Online SEO and Internet Digital Marketing) offers digital marketing, social media marketing, blog marketing, content marketing, analytics, affiliate marketing & Search Engine Marketing. We provide best digital marketing training courses in Chandigarh. We make our students learn different aspects of digital marketing at our Chandigarh Institute. We give an insight to various training programs too.
With our online digital marketing program courses, students get a strategic understanding of digital marketing & search engine optimization techniques. With these being core components of the online marketing course, this knowledge can be used for branding & sales for marketing and advertising purposes.


Affiliate marketing empowers the customers to engage with sellers using cost-effective techniques. It allows advertisements of products & services online through Digital Program; thereby promoting sales.
App Store Optimization allows visibility of an app in the App stores- promoting discoveries & initiate more downloads depending on the region, user age, category & so on.
E-mail marketing allows promoting applications, products & services using e-mail as a tool to reach more buyers/consumers. This way audience can be targeted on the grounds of their interests, contacts & so on.
Keyword Research provides one to choose keywords on the basis of importance, which in turn would turn up proper traffic being generated with time.
Online Reputation Management enables the developer to gain profit by constructing a healthy link between individuals & brands.
These all characterize Search Engine Optimization as an umbrella-term for optimizing websites & content according to connection/relevance based on region, age group, categorization, feature availability etc.

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Affiliate Marketing Chandigarh. For a company to succeed it is necessary to create a connection between consumers and retailers and affiliate marketing course in Chandigarh serves exactly that.


App Store Optimization Courses in Chandigarh is the process of increasing the visibility of a mobile application (developer for so as an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone app) in an app store (so as iTunes for iOS, Google Play for Android or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry).


DCR( Chandigarh School of Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing) is one of the best-established institutes for digital marketing and online marketing courses in Chandigarh. DCR resided in the heart of the city beautiful at Sector 15.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Seo
  • Ppc
  • Affliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing


In today’s economics, money values a lot mainly when companies have to spend on marketing&advertising. Businesses have to pay a great deal of time and experience on conceptualizing and strategizing a good ads campaign online for their business advertisement and growth.


DCR(Chandigarh Institute of Online SEO and Internet Digital Marketing) offers digital marketing, social media marketing, blog marketing, content marketing, analytics, affiliate marketing & Search Engine Marketing.


We at DCR Institute help Students understand the insights of pay per click and AdWords knowledge which will enable you to perform a Google AdWords campaign perfectly and will help your business to have on-the-spot visibility amongst your target Audience.



Google Analyst

Cert. Video Marketing

Facebook Certified

Google Analytics Certified

Adwords Certified


Email Marketing Courses Chandigarh is one of the best courses offered by a rewarded Institution of Chandigarh, DCR ( Chandigarh School of Internet and Digital Marketing). This course(email marketing) gives a range of professional services.


As an entrepreneur or business you may hold a well-designed, user-friendly and content optimized website but what is the point if your website is not visible on search engines at the Top of Google, Bing, Yahoo.and reachable to your audience?



Reputation or overall impact of an individual or brand is extremely important and a delicate aspect for gaining success in the online industry. Online Reputation Management also acknowledged as Digital Reputation is something which should never be undervalued and is a very valuable aspect of Digital Marketing.

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Everything here results for a reason. Every class you attend at Digital classroom will bring will help you get closer to Digital marketing, the career you’ve always dreamed of.
“DCR is a famous institute with a highly qualified and educated staff.there are Great professors, with a very nice ambiance to learn in addition to it we have a highly supportive staff with easy fee structure designed for students……….so I feel immense pleasure to be a student of such a great digital marketing Institute. “
“Digital marketing academy in Chandigarh, really it’s very helpful for many of us.The teachers are informational, professionals and friendly, calm and take the time with every student and help many liked me to everything and the staff is very attentive, friendly and informational. I love the environment here. It is a pleasant place to be. “
“I am learning AdWords/PPC from Digital Classroom in Chandigarh at sector 15, a great Institute with a highly experienced and trained staff.there are Great instructors, with a very nice environment to learn in addition to it we have a highly supportive staff. “

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